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  • Adrien Lastic Caress Revolutionary Clitoral Stimulator - Magenta Clit Cuddlers
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Caress by Adrien Lastic is a very original massager that, in addition to vibrating, includes a rotating movement, allowing you to gently caress the areas of your body that you want to stimulate. The Caress clitoral stimulator features 10 vibration/rotation modes5 in which it rotates in one direction constantly, and 5 in which it rotates from side to side irregularly. The toy has two engines and it is waterproofmaking it very easy to clean. The cargo of the stimulator is magneticThe light is located at the opposite end to where the head is placed.

When charging, the light will stay red, and will change to orange when charging is complete, which will be 120 minutes of charging for 60 minutes of enjoyment and pleasure. Of course, the most special part of Caress we have to mention it. Including 5 heads in various forms intended to different types of stimulation and tastes. A feature that we at Adrien Lastic have developed because not everyone has the same sensitivity, nor do they like rubbing with the same intensity and pressure.

Among the heads there are shapes that are real caresses, and others that can be less pleasurable for the most sensitive clitoris. However, that's why there are 5 heads, it's all about trying and discovering which one, or ones, are best suited to the stimulation you like. Also, not using a head to stimulate the clitoris does not mean that you are not going to use it, use each of the heads to stimulate the different erogenous zones of your body and discover which ones are the most pleasurable in each place for you. You know, it's like evaluating 5 toys...

The heads are interchangeable parts, but each one provides stimulation and you need to be well-informed, remember, Taste and orgasm! Related to the pubic hair and the use of Caress. If you have no hair at all, everything will be fine; if you have trimmed hair, everything will be fine; and if the jungle has conquered the Amazon, there shouldn't be a problem either, although some pulling may occur.